Dr. Shankar Krishnan, President of ARSR Charitable Foundation

Dr. Shankar Krishnan is the nephew of Dr. Anant R. Moorthy.  He is currently a Fellow and Vice President at KLA Corporation located in Milpitas, CA.  He obtained his undergraduate degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, and his doctorate at Rice University.  He worked in a couple of early startups in the Chicago area.  He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and daughter.

Subha Shree Ramesh, Vice President and Treasurer

Subha Shree Ramesh is the niece of Dr. Susila Ramamoorthy and Dr. Anant R. Moorthy.  Subha is currently retired after a thirty-year career in corporate retail with various companies in the U.S.  Her background is in strategic planning and leadership development.  She has served on boards of non-profits in Columbus, Ohio, and in Peoria, Illinois, where she currently resides.

Dr. Ragu S. Raghupathi, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Ragu S Raghupathi is a nephew of Dr Anant R Moorthi. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Madras,  and The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He finished his doctorate at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He has worked in basic research and advanced product and process developments in the Automotive sector. After 35 plus years of work in various capacities, he retired in 2009. He and his wife have two sons. The older son lives in Texas with his wife and two boys. The second son lives with his parents in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Murali Ramachandran, Secretary of the Foundation

Murali Ramachandran is a nephew of Dr. Susila Ramamoorthy.  Murali Ramachandran worked as a supervisor and corporate manager with the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance for over thirty years. Murali was a BalaVihar (Sunday school) teacher for ten years and was active in annual Holiday Season food and toy drives for Atlanta Community Food Bank and the non-profit Raksha, Inc.  He resides in the metro Atlanta area.

Shanthi Vaidyanathan, Director and Internal Audit Reviewer

Shanthi Vaidyanathan is the niece of Dr. Anant R. Moorthy.  Shanthi Vaidyanathan is a Chartered Accountant by training and after successful stints in the Private Sector as well as the Government Sector decided to devote herself to the Social Sector.  She has been volunteering herself, full time, for the past 18 years in the service of  Visually Challenged students both individually as well as through her associations with multiple Not for Profit institutions.  Shanthi lives in Chennai, India with her husband and daughter.